Building An Excuse Proof Culture

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For many organizations, excuses have become ingrained in their culture. Often the dangers of operating in this matter go unchecked by leadership. Excuse Proof Leadership provides leaders with an effective system to address the issues caused by excuses. This system will position your team for increased productivity and ultimately increased profits.

BONUS - There will be 4 LIVE weekly teaching sessions, starting on Monday, January 7, 2019. If you miss the live sessions, the recordings will be posted to the course portal. 


  • Effective techniques to eliminate excuses from your organization’s culture

  • Go beyond managing to working with your team and building the trust needed to be successful.

  • Leverage your team relationship to create a more effective process for consistent success.

  • Not only define your goals, but clearly communicate them and get buy in. 

  • Learn to delegate effectively and increase your ability to lead and manage. 

  • Create an environment that is motivated and avoids the risk of settling or complacency.

 “Excuse Proof Leadership is brilliant and refreshing. No complex formulas just simplistic straight talk on what to do and not what to; and especially what not to accept.”

— L. Sherie Dean, Founder & CEO of The LSherie Alert